Outside my window


Writing in my dream journal is helping me understand the other-half better.

  1. roman said:

    you try lucid dreaming yet?

    • I haven’t actively thought about lucid dreaming… for me it happens randomly (most likely after I hit the snooze button on an alarm) I will catch myself inside the dream-state. Writing in the dream journal is kind of like taking a photographs when you’re drunk. It helps recall the experience of dream-state and you recognize the patterns & sensations. As I go through my journey of exploration I will try to gain more insight into this universe.

      • roman said:

        nice…same here, i can’t “make it happen”, but it has occurred in that transitional, an in-between sleeping/awake moment at random times….also, i recently had an inception-like dream where i wasn’t aware i was dreaming, until i went to sleep in the dream itself, and then was able to control my 2nd “inner dream”, but still was unaware that i was sleeping in THIS life…kinda crazy…i know there is a pill that helps you reach lucid dreaming, but that’s some unnatural crap and i’ve read bad reviews on it when it goes wrong….http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/watch-online/ idk if u’ve seen Waking Life but it deals w/ some of this…good luck on ur journey

      • Thanks for sharing Roman… just watched it and a lot of great ideas/theories were discussed that have sparked a new way of thinking for me. It would be great to have a conversation about our own experiences/ideas over some mind-expanding substances. It must be Magellan channeling through me to explore this unknown world that lives inside of all of us.

      • roman said:

        ya man, i don’t come across too many people that share similar lucid dream experiences, so it’s something i def. love discussing and am very interested in…but i love all dreams in general…i like interpreting them and it really gives me an inner look into the deep sub-consciousness of my own brain…i aint no Freud but i do develop my own theories and conclusions…it could be events from our past lives, foreshadowing of the future (dejavu), a channeling from other universes or jsut some silly fragments of imagination gone wild…i like that u write urs down, i don’t take the time to do so, and i wake up after a night that included 3-4 dreams, kinda remembering them all and def. feeling the rush of whatever i just experienced, and id forget it within minutes…i guess tracking the events is the 1st step to understanding and controlling the dreams…i had a friend who got into wiccan magic (crazy HS kids) and told me he could make himself fly in his dreams and all that, i thought he was silly…but yeah, waking life is a pretty cool movie…..the other documentary i could recommend is maybe “what the bleep do we know”….it’s different, more quantim physics stuff, and there r many doubts about some of those theories, but screw that, some of the ideas are worth thinking about regardless of how false the may one day prove to be

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