Nightmare before Christmas

Just woke up sweating from a nightmare and thought I would share it…

I take a shot of cocaine
Go to some bar on Bordan Ave next to the LIE
My mother is at the bar with all of her friends
Outside Juan is acting a fool & appears to hurt himself
I start yelling at people who are laughing at him
Maja gives me a hug
Two guys step to me & want to fight
But I fight with words
Dick drives off with 4 girls in his Nissan
The plan is to meet in Williamsburg
I wake up in the middle of what seems like Forest Park
I feel lost
After a few cabbies refuse me
I am driving with Marc & his family
I lose control of the car a few times but regain control
We get lost & end up at a gas-station in a strange luxurious town of stone
We’re trying to get back to NYC
Jeff gets into a fight with the station attendant
It’s time to leave
When I look up, a 1,000 people staring at me… we can’t leave
I start to scream and travel through universes
In my bed… I see lights in the backyard
It is not my backyard
I see 2 people and it looks like they are stealing equipment
I’m about to call 311
I hear someone climbing a ladder to get into my window
I push the ladder and kill my uncle George
My brother is looking at me and I start to panic
A dream within a dream


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