Dream 7/4/12

Living in Plastus’ apartment

David driving the Toyota recklessly through the rain

Swerving in and out of puddles, onto the sidewalk

Plastus in the backseat

Something in the car becomes damaged

My apartment becomes empty

I take the car to a Korean/Indian repair

I’ve been cheated before and give them lip about the repair

I can’t figure out who is the asshole … them or me

I can’t understand the receipt they give me

I ask them to explain but still cannot understand

We go to court

Court starts after-hours and we present our arguments

There is a long delay of a few hours

It’s raining again

I walk around while they put on a show

I get a back massage from an indian lady

Another lady calls me and says “you held the door open for me”

I eat some halal food and we’re back in session

The judge asks me to rise, standing on a block in front of a whole assembly

The verdict is “guilty”

I still don’t understand and I feel ashamed but proud

I’m angry because I know this will cost a lot

They direct me to table 6509

When I get there I wake up


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