Cheating Death

On a road trip with my older brother, sister, Tommy & a female.

We stop for gas and I fill up past $100

I go inside and discover a cheat to get free ice cream from a machine

I grab extra and the clerk tells me that he knows what I’m doing

I’m driving the car from the backseat & ask my sister to take over

On the GPS we’re headed towards West Virginia but re-route to LA

Christine cannot handle the road, I become nervous and she flips the car

We’re all alive but the girl has a leg severed off

I dial 911 and 3 spanish looking guys offer help

I am skeptical of them

One guy puts a cigarette out on my neck and I remain cool

A huge traffic jam builds up

An old man is now trying to kill us

But a young man saves us with his tractor trailer

In his trailer, he serves us a 2 foot egg and some bacon

I appear on Sackett Lake beach and see my father driving crazy on his ATV

I hug my grandfather & see family by a campfire… it feels like heaven

I get back into the car and start crying onto Tommy’s shoulder

I ask him “How many times will I cheat death?”

I wake up in tears


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