Lucid Nightmare


Consciously trapped, several layers deep in a cross dimensional distopia.

I’ve possessed a physical body in a new-world Manhattan.

A shocking glimpse of what current trends will materialize into.

Each and every step monitored, thoughts & ideas causing negative physical reactions.

I am again, reincarnated a servant with a mustache donning a red-vest, white-long sleeve shirt and black pants. There is no sky. The color palette of my environment is mostly metallic grey with machinery flying over-head. These machines control us and we cannot do anything about it.

That realization is the moment where I become conscious and begin to panic.

I wake up into what appears to be my room but I am still trapped in another dimension.

Numbers on the alarm-clock appear as symbols and my screams to be liberated cannot be heard.

I scream for my brother to help me but nothing comes out. I am thinking he will see my real world body in distress and wake me up.  At this point, I am very much conscious and want to wake up.

I am scared.

An evil spirit appearing as a friend lunges towards me.

I am screaming and I still cannot wake up.

I appear in my room again but the clocks still don’t make sense.

Breathing heavily, I come back to the collective reality. I can measure time again but I am afraid to close my eyes.This reality which we are currently experiencing could be something that may’ve been a past souls nightmare.


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