Mad mad moon


Sit down, let me borrow your eyes

What is life ?

TV, movies, dreams, realities, oneness and dualities ?

Just stand aside comfortably, have a seat or kneel down

You have a choice and that’s just the way it is.

Drowning, defeated, knowing you are cheated

I am screaming out in silence, burning inside a can

Aside an unmade bed, inspired & mad.

But I can change, what can I become ?

Looking outside my window, searching inside my head

Notions I’ve carried up until I’m dead

It’s all over your eyes, somewhere inside these minds


The beauty of the skies

A revisiting sunset with majestic colors conquering the horizon lines

A reminder of truth & the consequence of lies

Where in eternal darkness, a billion souls scream out

“No star should drown by fog or cloud”

Down here is real, as long I still feel

Out there a world starving for a poet, a dreamer, a lover.

To bring them a reminder of hope.

Because we’re all dying never having lived up to our full human potential

This fear I did not create and these chains we must break.

Please allow our minds to emancipate.



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