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In the age of internet, you can present yourself online as true or false.

Like in society, you can choose how much makeup you put on your mask.

I remember being such a wimp at work; fulfulling the role as an obedient subordinate to my superiors. Knowing all along I was challenging my ideal of self-respect & sacrificing my greatest commodity just to make a dollar. Of course, this isn’t applicable to all work environments.. it is just a petri-dish sample of my working experience in service, labor, & sales. I am challenging the ideal of a “boss” and the rat race work environment. It’s disgusting the kind of politics people will play in order to climb the ladder and earn job security. Survival of the nastiest? I’m saying fuck it all. I don’t want any part of this cut-throat job culture. I’m challenging myself to follow my own ideals and see where it leads me with little to no makeup as a restaurant employee, freelancer, and musician.

My ideal ethic is to work hard, be honest, & get the job done.

People are like the spammers, except spammers have been denied their humanity by google. That’s just one set-back amongst many. They seem sincere pleading “stay with me” & “do you believe me?”. I want to believe that they are real. It brings me to the notion that it’s very easy to talk about sincerity, honesty, and realness but so much harder to act upon. Despite all the spam we experience in this life, I still believe in humanity.


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