Freelance Blues

GardenStateGrowers3 GardenStateGrowersColored

Lost a $125 logo bid to see here 

Spent my valuable time & all I got was “Anything but pink or black , Too whimsical, Needs to be more upscale, Thank you but we chose another design ”

You are welcome.

I think there is problem here. Like many freelancers, our time, skill & equipment are taken advantage of. But who’s to blame? My fault is not stating clear terms for the job. I trust that if I do a favor for someone that a mutual relationship can grow. If I’m going to be used as a tool I’ll just work at the restaurant where I’m subject to power trips & humiliation… at least I see paper at the end of the day.

I am everyone’s bitch but at least I have a voice and this is the only freedom worth fighting for.

And what is my voice worth in a dystopian world ?

I am not afraid to stand-up straight but I am afraid for the children.


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