You must be dreaming, dog.


This morning I had the most profound dream experience.

I’m at my parents house playing a multi-dimensional hide and go seek game with my siblings. I become conscious of the dream when I realize my ability to worm-hole through different dimensions via light-bulb socket (see image above). I am mostly in my parents bedroom. We are playing across what feels like 3 different dimensions. I can sense my brothers are near but I do not see them. I do have a conversation with my sister. She is scared. I tell her that whenever she is scared she should use to power of love to overcome her fear. Whenever I look out the window there is a new scenery. I want to look for my brothers but I can no longer worm-hole through the socket. After a few attempts of bashing my head against the ceiling I get a call on my cellphone. When I answer, I’m transported into my bed, still trapped in dream-state. I use my go-to method of yelling and toe-wiggling. When I came-to I felt an overwhelming sense of new knowledge.


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