Image I created to express my present feeling.

Who am I?

My parents gave me a name, Peter.

But, I am just a man. Just another man amongst billions of men.

Among the billions of men who came and billions yet to come.

I am a grain of sand in an infinitely vast universe.

I feel, think, & see the same as you do but I’m beginning to believe we live in different realms.

There’s something wrong with the world today and I’m perceiving a world that is tearing me up inside.

Using myself as a primary source, I’ve studied, observed, & believe that what I know is true. I know what it means to lie, to cheat, to hurt, to inflict pain, to deceive, to manipulate. I also know what it means to love, to be honest, to care, to feel joy, to give, to share. I’ve done wrong and I know right.

I see lies, deceit, & distrust growing amongst fellow humans. Our civilization is swallowing itself into a black-hole. Conversely, I see beautiful moments of love, trust, and harmony. But how can the latter existence be realized for all? Is this too big a feat for one person to dream. When I see my fellow humans devolving into rats, hungry for pre-conditioned pleasures, I feel defeated. I ask myself, why do I see things clearly and how is everyone else so blind?

My voice is not enough but how can my one-self make right for the future. Can we break this cycle of existence? Has Earth ever seen a time where people lived together in truth and harmony? When God created me, what was his intention? I wonder, what is my destiny?

I believe, my own consciousness is God and God’s law rules over my existence. I live by my own law. So humbly speaking, I am God. I’m here on earth to take care of it and enjoy this brief existence. To live presently with a cause and to have an effect on future existence.

Otherwise what is the point? To blindly follow another man’s rule, to live on your knees & suffer without reason. Or is the point to create a better world, to fight tyranny and plant seeds of love.

I need the strength to do right and to be an example of what is right.

I find that strength in love.


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