Saturday Night Fever


Saturday night thoughts.

As much as I would like to go out and knock about tonight, I’m trying not to spend a dime. As much as I want to have a laugh, drink the devils dew and bask in the presence of good souls… I have to think about my hustle..what the fuck I am gonna do. Work is slow & time may be dragging but I’ve got my whole world right here in my room. I have my work, my writing, my photographs, my memories, my music, my dreams. All this stuff inside my head and not a penny for my thoughts. So here’s a poem for ya’ll. Especially for those struggling and people who imagine a better reality.

What else do I need?

I’m stepping in shit, I got nothing to lose.

I need a warm bed to share and a good pair of shoes.

I like my days sunny with a good dose of blues

I got a great garden and my seeds almost due.


I got a mouse in the house and my friends are half-dead

Everyone’s a little fucked now in the head.

We need a little reason, to keep on believing,

So everything we do, bleeds, soul into living.


Reflection, I see honesty and lies.

Showing, growing, sowing, getting wise.

Gotta do what I gotta do, there is no try

Knowing, between stale weeds and mighty trees,

Sights unseen, one day; bearing fruits sweet like nectarine.

Sweet cornucopia of the mind.


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