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Step off a jet-plane, take a short nap & a few hours later I’m peddling my girlfriend and I to the famous danish Dj/dance festival called Distortion. We haven’t seen night-time in over 24-hours, our minds are spacey, we’re drunk off jet-lag just knocking around and taking it all in. The bass is pounding, the sun is shining & the good times are a rollin’. From high-school kids to master graduates, minorities to majorities,  youngsters from all-around Denmark are riding the rails to participate in this mass-gathering of fun. I feel a great atmosphere of freedom at the festival with the lack of security.. what a relief not having eyes burn through the back of your head. I think it helps the youth trust one another as opposed to being afraid, paranoid, and constantly checking his or her own actions. It allows you to relax, be human, and enjoy all the young people who come together to enjoy a little drink, dance, music & festivity. My critique is there could be improvement in the music department because a DJ can only bring so much energy to the audience being limited to his hyped up posse & giant subwoofers. My idea would be to have live performers (musicians/dancers) along with DJ’s… I think that energy levels would rise out from a 6-8 to about a 15-16 with the potential of reaching 36-38 if done well.


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