Turkish Festival

Turks TurkishConcert CitySqaure

Scenes from an the open square in the middle of Copenhagen. With all the jazz surrounding Turkey on the internet I thought I should put my 2 kroner in. From what I gather at first glance, citizens of Istanbul are protesting the demolition of a public park. The almighty corporate power did not take nicely to the situation as it is in their interest to build a consumer mall instead. So, they send police to resolve the situation and it has since backfired with demonstrators gaining popularity amongst citizens around Turkey. And what? What is going to happen? This situation reminds me of something like the Occupy movement down by Wall Street. Something exciting happens like a revolution is on the brink but police come down and fuck the whole thing up. Back to square one. What is the problem here? I think that the “police” or middlemen between corporate power and ordinary citizen do not serve the people’s interests and mediate through force instead of conversation. It just doesn’t work with non-violent protest. Their is a mental prison being built and I believe the solution is through art. With art, you can alter the visual reality and communicate human feelings. Back to Copenhagen city center, the turkish minority of all ages are celebrating music, nice weather, and dance. The people are warm, charming and appreciate what is going on around them. I felt welcome by their culture to participate in the festivity, only separated by language but united through humanity.


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