Lord Gay Demos

Here are some demos I did while living in Copenhagen under the pseudonym “Lord Gay”. You might ask, “Why is the Lord Gay?”. I don’t really have an answer to that because I thought of it while walking. Imagine…”Lord Gay and His Homophobes” hitting the stage. The outrage! Protestors are already trying to form an opinion on why they should boycott future performances and ban the band from playing somewhere near you.

Lord Gay’s mission was to work on songwriting skills, play all instruments, and do the best “he” could with the tools available. The biggest hurdle was getting over the singing anxieties. I still think his voice is weak and pitchy but fuck it, it’s good enough. I try to sing like no one is listening (because no one is) and I’m comfortable with these limitations. I had spent a few all-nighters at the rehearsal room down in Sydhavn or as I would frequently misspell the name, Syndhavn, translating to “Harbour of Sin” also known as my heaven on earth.

I was lucky to have access to a room with so many instruments and equipment. My weapons of sound were a white telecaster through a 15-watt single speaker fender amp and a yamaha bass through a huge cab. An assorted palette of effects pedals helped shape color on over-dubs. Most songs I would track the guitar for an arrangement and build it up from there. When it feels OK, I go all in, hemorrhaging my heart and embracing the process. The long bicycles rides to and fro gave me an opportunity to meditate, relax, and reflect on the process of soul mining.

These tracks represent a vision of what is possible when you give mr. gaylord a small tool box. Garageband preview handled all the tracking, my ears guided the engineering where everything was recorded using a built-in laptop microphone. Mixing was about finding a happy medium between headphones and my girlfriends speakers to try and make good shit.

These days Lord Gay is still looking for a reason to keep on believin’ … but you can help with a series of small donations, just call 1-800-LOR-DGAY today.



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