Super Band NYC

Band Band1 Band2 Band3 Band4 Band5 Band6 Band7 Band8

Some musician ads from Craigslist.

I wonder what would happen if you put all these musicians together and formed a super band….

I have this great idea where you do a reality skit based on Craigslist interactions. For example: the audition process for “Super Band”… I could be a super charismatic, no talent, pretentious band-leader searching for my super band. The audition process would be filmed along with rehearsals… eventually leading up to a real gig. This character would be hailed as Brooklyn’s Ziggy Stardust. I could also be an aspiring ego-centric hipster model and get a TFP photographer to follow me around all day, in return I would promise exposure in a foreign market, I would photoshop a whole magazine centerfold with my glamour shots and try to pass them off as legit. I could be a trust-fund entrepreneur who is bringing back Esperanto and hire unpaid students to personally assist me every morning for an hour with breakfast, coffee, and translating applications to Esperanto. I can be an ass-hat who hires actors to hang-out with freshly made acquaintances and see how the actor can develop these relationships so I don’t have to waste my time. I can offer a service to “hang-out” with strangers when I’m actually an introverted caveman so I would just grace people with my presence and not talk much… the list goes on. These are just a few of many potential skits in the SchizShow. When I have money I’d like to produce a comedy show… where schizophrenic characters become real.

Imagine riding around Manhattan with a huge Israeli flag … then the next day a Palestinian flag… then the next day gay flag… filming peoples reactions. It’s probably been done but ya know. What about that.        


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