Graphic Design


Poster for Bushwick Open Studios 2014 by Petty Nobles Collective

Illustration by Péter Berke

Typography by Peter Slusarski

The poster concept was to create an outsider figure for an event hosted by a collective of outsiders. Being artists and musicians we don’t subscribe to normal ways of living and therefore needed an image to reflect this abnormality. My idea was to do a police sketch looking poster with Bob from Twin Peaks as the type of model. Bob was a demon spirit that possessed people in Twin Peaks and a similar energy might possess us while we work or perform.  When we sat down together at the living room table, my friend Péter suggested this weird character that he always drew and began to sketch. A little bit of coffee and Carlsberg later he ended up with these twin figures. Having the illustration ready to go, all that was needed was some information about the event. Upon completion, we were 2,000 miles away in Copenhagen and got our buddies in Brooklyn to put posters up 2 weeks before the event. The event was a raging success. To put it simply, shit gets done when you work together.



A while back when I was with Monumints, we were playing a gig @ a comedy lounge and decided to promote ourselves with a bunch of puns that my buddy and I wrote. So I’m handing out these small cards by Times Square and they were successful in getting laughs but not successful in getting people to show up. Just another idea on marketing circa 2010.


Album art concept that was rejected. The description read “loneliness, overcoming adversity, breaking through.” Feelings I know well only to be deselected by a first year photo-shopper. My faith in taste is spoiling before expiration.

You can see the chosen album art work here