Mixed Media


A poster warning neighbors of upcoming debauchery.




Staring at the sun, reminds me of Copenhagen in January when clouds and overcast dominate the days and nights. 17 hours of sun in 31 days. Darkness rules over the country and sensory deprivation takes hold. Everyday, there’s a grey ceiling on top of you and the weight of winter widdles you down. To help alleviate some of the burden, one must keep good company, burn candles, and eat d-vitamins.

It had been a long time since I’d seen the sun and I forgot what it felt like…then one morning, the sun is shining like you’ve never seen it before. I roll up the shades, open the windows and allow the air to flow freely through the flat. I sit with my plants by the window sill and together we absorb the golden waves of warmth. The sun shines on everyone and everyone is filled with joy. The pendulum has shifted and we’re riding the upswing, it’s getting higher and hotter each day. I don’t feel bad, I don’t feel sad, because the sun is shining. In that moment, I played a song that became known as my “sun song”. It’s about the ecstasy of its light. You don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone but, when it comes back, it hits hard. This day had about 3-4 hours of sun light but it felt like an eternity.



11″ x 14″ Vellum, dead leaves (park slope), glue or gel medium

Same concept here, unfortunately, when I did a long-term press for flattening some of the leaves broke when I removed the object for press. I usually use a heavy book. It may be a good idea to do an initial press after gluing(10 -15 seconds) than let glue dry before doing a long-term press.



I have an intuition that we are on the edge of a transition.

The most significant transitions in my life were Internet & 9/11. They’ve shaped our entire world.  Maybe this moment will be the selection of the new figure-head of the worlds largest non-profit corporation. It will be interesting to see. Will the systems that enslave us crumble?

With easy access to the Bible (knowledge), old knowledge is spreading & new knowledge is being produced at a rapid pace never-known. This is the beauty of internet. Sacred mysteries are becoming clear, ancient secrets revealed. The simple idea that we are souls inhabiting flesh is enough for me to stand up against all the real world fictions. Kubrick’s monolith is right in front of us!!! We stare at the black slab everyday. It’s our choice what we want to see. From monuments, to books, and now to internet… you have the choice to carry-on as a mindlessly or become empowered. Personally this isn’t a choice, it is a duty.

People are awakening and it’s exciting to see what Spring will bring. We are moving towards a Golden Age where everyday is better than yesterday. Utopia is the goal… aim high?

I desire this revolution.