Just stayed the night in Pomona NY playing non-stop through the night. The following day, magic was in in the air… this improv. happened either before or after heading to the mountain the following day. Judging by the playing… I think after…. probably my best session playing bass because I remember feeling loose and the emotions poured through my fingers. My brother Dave plays a 4 string guitar for the session. It drops so hard… the moment is perfect and can never be created again. I remember all the feelings at this time in my life… glad to have this session on record.

The Images are blinking lights out of focus. It reminds me of planets…


Another clip from the same session… really powerful moods. I like listening to this one on grey days.




Drops of rain determined to fall.

Without a choice, I’m watching it all.

All the paths a drop can take.

Wherever they fall, that is their fate.

Joining the others who came before

Rain keeps falling, a circle is born.

Constantly in motion, a visual commotion

What is a drop of rain to an ocean?

Those who remain on the windowpane

Eventually evaporate.

The sound of rain serves as a reminder

The faster we fall, the more we learn

In any shape or form

We are empowered

Rain is rebirth

Survived the powerful and exciting storm dubbed Sandy. Feeling the awesomeness of her gusts really got the heart going. While our town of Maspeth hadn’t seen any damage many other areas had sustained injuries by way of water & wind. My Ditte and I surveyed Brooklyn, Queens, & Manhattan this morning and were taken a back by the scenes on the street. I’ve never seen NYC like this.