CD cover inspired by the white lodge from Twin Peaks.


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Some musician ads from Craigslist.

I wonder what would happen if you put all these musicians together and formed a super band….

I have this great idea where you do a reality skit based on Craigslist interactions. For example: the audition process for “Super Band”… I could be a super charismatic, no talent, pretentious band-leader searching for my super band. The audition process would be filmed along with rehearsals… eventually leading up to a real gig. This character would be hailed as Brooklyn’s Ziggy Stardust. I could also be an aspiring ego-centric hipster model and get a TFP photographer to follow me around all day, in return I would promise exposure in a foreign market, I would photoshop a whole magazine centerfold with my glamour shots and try to pass them off as legit. I could be a trust-fund entrepreneur who is bringing back Esperanto and hire unpaid students to personally assist me every morning for an hour with breakfast, coffee, and translating applications to Esperanto. I can be an ass-hat who hires actors to hang-out with freshly made acquaintances and see how the actor can develop these relationships so I don’t have to waste my time. I can offer a service to “hang-out” with strangers when I’m actually an introverted caveman so I would just grace people with my presence and not talk much… the list goes on. These are just a few of many potential skits in the SchizShow. When I have money I’d like to produce a comedy show… where schizophrenic characters become real.

Imagine riding around Manhattan with a huge Israeli flag … then the next day a Palestinian flag… then the next day gay flag… filming peoples reactions. It’s probably been done but ya know. What about that.        


Poster for Bushwick Open Studios 2014 by Petty Nobles Collective

Illustration by Péter Berke

Typography by Peter Slusarski

The poster concept was to create an outsider figure for an event hosted by a collective of outsiders. Being artists and musicians we don’t subscribe to normal ways of living and therefore needed an image to reflect this abnormality. My idea was to do a police sketch looking poster with Bob from Twin Peaks as the type of model. Bob was a demon spirit that possessed people in Twin Peaks and a similar energy might possess us while we work or perform.  When we sat down together at the living room table, my friend Péter suggested this weird character that he always drew and began to sketch. A little bit of coffee and Carlsberg later he ended up with these twin figures. Having the illustration ready to go, all that was needed was some information about the event. Upon completion, we were 2,000 miles away in Copenhagen and got our buddies in Brooklyn to put posters up 2 weeks before the event. The event was a raging success. To put it simply, shit gets done when you work together.

Here are some demos I did while living in Copenhagen under the pseudonym “Lord Gay”. You might ask, “Why is the Lord Gay?”. I don’t really have an answer to that because I thought of it while walking. Imagine…”Lord Gay and His Homophobes” hitting the stage. The outrage! Protestors are already trying to form an opinion on why they should boycott future performances and ban the band from playing somewhere near you.

Lord Gay’s mission was to work on songwriting skills, play all instruments, and do the best “he” could with the tools available. The biggest hurdle was getting over the singing anxieties. I still think his voice is weak and pitchy but fuck it, it’s good enough. I try to sing like no one is listening (because no one is) and I’m comfortable with these limitations. I had spent a few all-nighters at the rehearsal room down in Sydhavn or as I would frequently misspell the name, Syndhavn, translating to “Harbour of Sin” also known as my heaven on earth.

I was lucky to have access to a room with so many instruments and equipment. My weapons of sound were a white telecaster through a 15-watt single speaker fender amp and a yamaha bass through a huge cab. An assorted palette of effects pedals helped shape color on over-dubs. Most songs I would track the guitar for an arrangement and build it up from there. When it feels OK, I go all in, hemorrhaging my heart and embracing the process. The long bicycles rides to and fro gave me an opportunity to meditate, relax, and reflect on the process of soul mining.

These tracks represent a vision of what is possible when you give mr. gaylord a small tool box. Garageband preview handled all the tracking, my ears guided the engineering where everything was recorded using a built-in laptop microphone. Mixing was about finding a happy medium between headphones and my girlfriends speakers to try and make good shit.

These days Lord Gay is still looking for a reason to keep on believin’ … but you can help with a series of small donations, just call 1-800-LOR-DGAY today.



Staring at the sun, reminds me of Copenhagen in January when clouds and overcast dominate the days and nights. 17 hours of sun in 31 days. Darkness rules over the country and sensory deprivation takes hold. Everyday, there’s a grey ceiling on top of you and the weight of winter widdles you down. To help alleviate some of the burden, one must keep good company, burn candles, and eat d-vitamins.

It had been a long time since I’d seen the sun and I forgot what it felt like…then one morning, the sun is shining like you’ve never seen it before. I roll up the shades, open the windows and allow the air to flow freely through the flat. I sit with my plants by the window sill and together we absorb the golden waves of warmth. The sun shines on everyone and everyone is filled with joy. The pendulum has shifted and we’re riding the upswing, it’s getting higher and hotter each day. I don’t feel bad, I don’t feel sad, because the sun is shining. In that moment, I played a song that became known as my “sun song”. It’s about the ecstasy of its light. You don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone but, when it comes back, it hits hard. This day had about 3-4 hours of sun light but it felt like an eternity.