Alone Again


Captured this image on a long bike ride north of Copenhagen.

My bike is a great vehicle of freedom and I really enjoy riding. Especially so during a downpour. I hide my electronics, grip the handles and put the pedal to the metal. A roller coaster rush of blood begins  and I’m screaming with my whole body enveloped with madness. Riding in the rain, zooming by people cowering underneath store canopies. I scream, laugh and cry. They look at me and see an olympic champion swimming down the avenue. I’m going for gold until I hop off my ride.

But anyway, here’s a lyric I wrote for this lonely statue.

I am alone

Alone again

Where is my head?

In another bed

Where am I?

Stoned, where I stand

It’s empty

Silence so loud

Run away with these words

Everything ever heard

The ghosts by the window

Watching me eat

Sleeping with me

Fucking me

Tapping the walls

Trying to say something

I hear nothing

Nothing but ringing

Silence so loud


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