Sankt Hans Rainbow

RainbowSanktHansRainbow outside my window.

My dreams have grown in intensity this month and I’m trying to figure out what it’s all about.  Three nightmares in two days.

  1. I am in my childhood bed at my parents house. The bed is surrounded by sea water and a star-fish squid figure is trying to hurt me. I continuously stab the water with the tip of an umbrella until I vanquish the creature into a black liquid. I look out the window and see a full-moon. Tides shift and the water from my room recedes into my parents bathroom where my father is struggling. I rush in with a towel and successfully stop the water from flooding the room. I awake feeling concerned for my father.
  2. I am by my friends deli in my hometown where I have a vanilla ice cream with my good friend Tom. I have to urinate and unbuckle my belt near a garage. There is a spanish dude watching me. When I turn around there’s about 70 working class immigrants in the area getting free pizza from behind a truck. I ask for a slice. A figure begins giving a speech to the crowd and at the blink of an eye everyone is in Nazi uniform. The young leader comes up to me and performs a baptism of some sort and places his thumb on my forehead. Someone from the crowd yells in a foreign tongue and a police car appears. Everyone scatters one way and I run in the opposite direction. The cop car chases me and I awake with a hummingbirds heart rate.
  3. I am at my friends basement and we are starting a new band. The idea is to write down band-names on paper and vote on the best name. Then I am at parents house and I cannot recognize anything. The dinner table is white and the lighting is very bright. I turn on a vacuum and there is something wrong with the electrical outlet. I spill water on the vacuum plug and the wire begins to spark. A fire starts and smoke fills the room. I cry to my mother but she is not there. I open a sliding door and throw the vacuum outside into a pile of snow. I wake up with tears in my eyes.

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